About the Owner

Scott Newton

Scott Newton is a seasoned professional in the area of media production for supporting the communication objectives of business. His broad range of knowledge and expertise in media, applied computer technology and business operations position him as a uniquely qualified resource for numerous strategic roles.

In 1985, Newton founded Crystal Image Productions. Through Crystal Image, he offered video production services to a variety of industrial and corporate clients.  By 1997, the services of the organization had expanded to encompass a fuller mix of media - including print, audio and multimedia. At this time, Newton reorganized the company to form APEX Media Solutions - integrating the resources of a network of contract producers and production facilities to better serve the client base with a more comprehensive blend of service offerings.

Currently, as President of APEX Media Solutions, Newton offers a full range of media production and consulting services which specialize in meeting the communication needs of business.

In 2009, Newton co-authored the book entitled A Nation on Borrowed Time with Joe Arvin (President/COO Arrow Gear Company). The book cites the critical role of manufacturing in the health of the U.S. economy. Seeking to further propel the message of the book, Newton and Arvin formed Citizens for American Manufacturing (CAM), an Illinois-based 501(c)(3). As a co-founder, Newton is an officer and board member of CAM.

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